Breaktime Blog: Nexus 7

So, another keynote, another well-leaked tablet launch! But unlike pretty much every Android tablet since perhaps the Motorola Xoom (?), Google’s Nexus 7 is generating headlines and column inches well outside the technology press (to say nothing of bedlam inside the technology press). Part of that is the pull of Google, but for me (and much of the rest of the world, it seems) three things stand out and make it newsworthy:

  • Pricing: £159/£199, even allowing for the size, is a price-point that will send other manufacturers scurrying (I suspect Asus suffered more than a little themselves in making it), to say nothing of making it competitive against Amazon’s hugely popular (in the US at least) Kindle Fire.
  • Content: The Nexus 7 will come with much better content provision, like the Fire and iPad. I think we’ve seen it coming for a while with the progressive changes to the Android Market, but what makes the Fire so popular in the US will surely help the Nexus 7 sell elsewhere.
  • Which brings me to availability: Unlike the Fire we’ll actually get to buy the Nexus 7 outside North America. For the first time folk in countries like the UK and Australia who might like the idea of a tablet, but don’t have the cash to splash out on an iPad, have an option.

And judging by reviews of both the hardware and Android 4.0, it looks like a very attractive option. I will confess to having had to calm my itching credit card the moment I found the pre-order page on the Google Play store!


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