Breaktime Blog: Project Glass

I’ve had concerns that I might be losing my geek-genes allayed by an unnatural (if not excessive) degree of excitement about the slowly developing Google Glass project. As someone generally not far from a phone/tablet/computer the notion of wearing a computer (always an attractive notion to nerds) is just too fun to pass up, especially if it could eventually displace one or more of those comparatively more burdensome devices.

So it was good to see some more details come to light this week , as well as seeing real-life folk getting to try them on, even if only for a limited demo.

Of course how it will all work in reality remains to be seen, although it must be pretty exciting for the Google folk involved to be defining a lot of this (in the same way the designers of the iPhone did a lot to define how touchscreen phones function). The original concept video (if a bit like a cuddly Terminator experience) paints a rosy picture, but also spawned a million variations of “and then he walks into a lamp post” jokes – and you can see why that might genuinely happen. The prototype models just have small displays in the side of your vision, so I suspect that once the hardware is nearly there what we’ll be looking at is the creation of a new genre of UI/UX design, building on the work already done  trimming down content and interfaces for mobile devices and taking it that bit further. If you think about it, the experts here are probably still Apple, so it’s surprising they’re behind the curve on this one. Or are they?

Either way, I’ve really got to get myself a Google io invite – this year the freebies have been insane.


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