Breaktime Blog: “Bad” – Gartner on Windows 8 desktop experience

There’s an interesting read over at Gartner right now where they’ve “reviewed” Windows 8 from a couple of perspectives, including using a Slate. I say interesting because (being a fan of external validation) it confirms something I’ve been concerned about for a while now – principally that unless you’re pressing digit to glass, then at best the user experience is going to be very weird. At worst it will be very frustrating. Like the reviewer (see half way down part 3), I’ve struggled to work out how to do fairly simple things when playing with the release candidate!

The arguments made in part 1 about the “business decision” seem spot on and it’s useful to hear about the reviewer’s experiences working with a tablet device. For me the idea of having to support Windows tablets is more palatable than the proliferation of i* and Android devices that we currently don’t really do anything for. Group policy (and I imagine support from the tools such as SCCM) for tablets sounds fantastic. But in an environment like ours lacking a formal corporate approach to IT (and where authorisation typically sits with the gadget-concious budget-holder) the key driver isn’t going to be functionality or interoperability with existing systems. Even the observation in part 5 about only taking 1 device into the shower on the road isn’t likely to dissuade those who covet an iPad from having both a tablet and a laptop. The key factor is going to remain (for us, at least) desirability of the hardware. And Apple continues to supply that by the aluminium uni-body bucket load.


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