Breaktime Blog: Two weeks of email…

So I’m back in the office (First Great Western’s efforts to the contrary this morning) for the first day after an all too brief (two weeks) of holiday and I’m faced with the usual deluge of email awaiting my attention.

I take email pretty seriously and while I don’t officially subscribe to a “zero inbox” philosophy, it is how I operate. Every email gets looked at (at least the subject line and sender) and deleted/read/filed and occasionally acted upon. Very occasionally, it would seem – this is the breakdown of the emails I had waiting for me this morning:

  • Deleted: 55%
  • System notifications: 21%
  • No action required (CCs etc): 7%
  • Information/Circulars: 8%
  • Meeting Requests:5%
  • Personal: 0% (just the one)
  • Actually needs me to do something: 4%

One thought on “Breaktime Blog: Two weeks of email…

  1. jonbennett12 says:

    I would say the amount of emails we receive that need action is a lot higher as we get lots of applications via email but one’s that annoy me are the chain emails that take place over days when a quick phone call would resolve it in minutes.

    This is why next week we are switching off our emails for everyone in the company before slowly reeducating people who the technology correctly. Follow our experiment here

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