Parenting and Living a Quieter Life Through ITIL – Part 1

Incident Management: Muddles the sheep (above) cannot be found. User experiences degraded levels of service (toddler limbs failing to operate, vocal chords stuck in “screech” mode). Resolution – locate Muddles the sheep.

Problem Management: Repeated incidents of night time wakefulness (in breach of SLA which defines toddler sleep occurring between at least 8pm and 6am). Root Cause Analysis results in a documented Known Error: The dummy falls from toddler’s mouth during sleep and then disappears under Muddles the sheep. Workaround: locate dummy, soothe toddler (time required: 1-3 hours). Proposed fix: locate second dummy in cot.

Change Management: Muddles the sheep requires frequent, but not routine (i.e.unscheduled) maintenance to ensure he fulfils his requirements of being cuddly, fun to play with and not covered in grime. This maintenance requires a window of 8 hours and must be carefully planned to avoid incidents (see incident management). CAB (Mummy) considers factors such as urgency of maintenance (influenced by the amount of time Muddles the sheep has spent dragged along under the buggy), weather (which affects the length of the maintenance window required for drying) and consults the FCS for other planned events (i.e. picnics) before approving.

Release Management:  In the ITIL spirit of only implementing what works for you, Release Management is best skipped with toddlers. The only Release they understand is getting you to release the toy/food/whatever it is that is in your hand.

Configuration Management: Along with Muddles the sheep, toddler has (so it seems) several thousand toys. Mummy & Daddy’s configuration management plan has these kept in the DTS – Definitive Toy Store (a big basket). Names have been assigned and photos taken as part ofIdentification.

Control is handled by the toddler, who ensures that Mummy & Daddy do not remove any toy at any point. Status Accounting occurs frequently, often during visits from grandparents where new configuration items appear, followed by muttered statements along the lines of “she really has enough bl**dy toys already.” Validation occurs weekly, typically when Daddy is in charge, when the DTS is put out on the floor and all Configuration Items are deposited around the living room.


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