Rule #2


(Acknowledging the whole House thing…)

#2 – Users Lie

It’s a sad fact that people in all walks of life, in all occupations, of all ages, will try to cheat or game a system to get out ahead.

In my experience this mainly manifests itself in IT in two ways:

  • The Innocence Assertion: i.e. “no of course I haven’t visited any dodgy websites and exposed my computer to malware”
  • The Shiny Shiny Compulsion: i.e.” no of course I need that expensive laptop to do my word processing.” To quote W.C. Fields – “anything worth having is a thing worth cheating for.”

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit of a generalisation to say that all users lie – perhaps it’s more accurate to say that you rarely get the full story, at least without some digging around. One of many reasons to value people skills (and an inquisitive mind) in support staff.


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