UCISA 2013 Pt 3

Sunset on the 1st day

Sunset on the 1st day

A quick one this time, honest.

Before dinner and the promise of sleep after a day that had started at 5.45am there was one more obstacle to overcome – the University poster presentations.

And I was on my way there when I was distracted by a lovely sunset across the Mersey.

Surrey had two posters up this year, one on a new project management framework across the University (which I think could probably have been worth a showcase talk) and another on the introduction of application virtualisation (where – and I hope James won’t mind me saying this – we’re not quite there yet!).

The Surrey team answering poster questions

The Surrey team answering poster questions

It was disappointing that the posters were outside the main exhibition space and didn’t see much footfall. They were visible, but it there wasn’t much to draw people over (particularly when the alternative being offered was free alcohol).

Lincoln's award winning cloud desktop poster

Lincoln’s award winning cloud desktop poster

Only two posters really caught my imagination – one (near to Surrey’s) on a free PC finder system that went beyond just red/green statuses and offered links to timetabling information, usage statistics and even proactive fault finding. I just wish I could remember which University it was (it doesn’t seem to be listed on the UCISA website). I mainly remember it was bright yellow. My team are developing a system to replace one we currently have that has a fairly small scope (mainly library and central teaching rooms) and is reliant on a system we intend to phase out in the future, so it was great to see what they’d done and – yes – steal ideas!

The other was Lincoln’s Remote Desktop setup – which was eye-catching enough that it went on to win the best poster award at the conference dinner the following night. Lincoln’s blog on the whole project is well worth a read.

Technically I did spend some time looking at another poster – for the UCISA Infrastructure Group – but only because Mark Cockshoot dragged me over there and tried to convince me that 20-25 days a year of my time to be involved with UCISA wasn’t much…

Then, finally, it was away to the hotel (battling past hordes of Olly Murs fans) for some much needed feet-up time:


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