Breaktime Blog: Brainstorming the next 5 years


Great end to the day, facilitating a session with our smartest techies discussing what Higher Education IT will look like in 5yrs.

In no particular order:

  1. The end of the dominance of the managed workstation – but not its total demise
  2. Platform agnostic (or at least broad support) services are vital
  3. Conflict between supporting BYOService and corporate responsibilities/regulation
  4. Mobility will remain a theme for a while yet, Internet of Things a stalking horse, scepticism about wearables (except for watching streamed lectures in bed with Google Glass)
  5. Cloud provisioned virtual desktops and apps may bridge the gap between corporate service provision and BYOD/remote use, but it’s a commitment – you can’t just turn it off
  6. Not the end of the monolithic corporate app, development is too slow
  7. Conversely, the rate of change for cloud services presents its own challenges!
  8. Good connectivity is vital!

The aim is to work this up into a working strategy for how we provide basic personal computing facilities to staff and students – but I anticipate more interesting and challenging discussions to come.


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