UCISA SSG Conference 2014 – Innovation & Idea Management: Appendix A

Swish venue - Crewe Hall

Swish venue – Crewe Hall

I’ve just finished speaking at the UCISA Support Services Group Conference in Crewe and (given I’m writing this in advance) I’m pretty sure everyone made it through the 100 slide marathon in one piece!

At the start of the talk I promised homework – links to further reading on associated topics. Here you are!


What is Innovation – a great introductory video on Innovation from NOVA Malaysia.


Innovation 101 – a discussion of innovation and its importantance to the Public Sector by the Australian Department of Industry

slide 14

Creativity from Constraint – An interesting, if long and arts-focused book on creativity and the role constraints play. Worth reading for the Preface notes on the “Creativity Problem”


Innovation Management – a nice overview to the broader theme, with links to other topics.


Lego Facts – just because!


Briefing note on University of Surrey’s Lab Availability System (PDF – Dropbox Link)- the service is available on-line here.


Rear Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper – a amazing character in computer science’s history!


Big Ideas Poster, UCISA Conference 2014 – Be sure to check out the other great posters


David Cotterill’s presentation to UCISA 2013 (requires registration, but it’s straightforward and spam-free) – Innovation, Ideas, Gamification in the Civil Service


Guy Kawasaki, What Makes Innovation – the full length version


Innovation in Public Sector Organisations, NESTA – More on the Innovation, Ideas and measuring innovation in the Public Sector


Participation in Idea Generation Events, InnovationManagement.SE – discussion of realistic engagement expectations in idea management


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