5 Things I Found on the Internet: Vol 2

Determined to keep this idea going!

1. 20 Cognitive Biases

Along with Personal Kanban and Why Limit WIP, the Modus Press book Why Plans Fail is in my top 10 work and business related reading list. Specifically addressing those mental roadblocks and shortsightedness that affect us all – our biases – it points out the myriad mistakes that lead us to failure.

Since reading this a couple of years ago I’ve been obsessed with cognitive biases, determined not only to spot and try address my own, but recognise where others are coming from. So this handy guide to 20 different biases on Business Insider UK is right up my street!


2. 12 Ways to Organise your Kitchen Drawers

I confess, I’m a sucker for these kinds of thing. I have to confess to even having used the Ikea BEKVÄM spice rack for things other than holding spices. But what really caught my eye in this article was the use of the inside of a kitchen cupboard door to not only hang things (guilty), but to display common weights and measures conversions.


This struck me as an excellent example of introducing elements of Lean to the kitchen – specifically 5S, where we can see not only have tools been laid out and labelled consistently but production guidance has been provided to save time (set in order/straighten).

3. Radio 4 Soul Music – Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (BBCr4)

Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah was my introduction to the song, a song I’ve loved since I first heard that opening sigh, but I had no idea until I heard this show that it had such a rich history, or the degree to which its life intertwined with Buckley’s . On top of this, I love some of the “colour” stories featured, especially that of James Talerico (even if Hallelujah is an awful name!).


4. Two New Tools – Clean Language and Cynefin (AgendaShift)

Cynefin (pronounced with a “ku…”) remains something I want to get my head around, but I really like the Clean Language from this AgendaShift blog. I particularly like the notion of limiting your questioning when interrogating (in the non-shining-a-light-in-the-face sense) and coaching. As we begin a concerted effort looking at problem solving coaching using A3s across the Team I suspect I’ll be looking to this for inspiration.

5. Build a Raspberry Pi “Physical Dashboard” (Adafruit)

I love Dashboards, but they are complicated, as well as taking a lot of thought and effort to make useful.

I love the idea of the Raspberry Pi, in fact I own 3. But for some reason I’m yet to actually DO anything more than browse Raspberry Pi project sites. Maybe this project will end that. Maybe…



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